Completing the Specialdocs Test for Evaluating Practices (STEP) is the first step to finding out if your practice is a candidate for our concierge model.

What are you looking to do?

Convert my existing independent practice into a concierge practiceOpen a new concierge practice (if you are an employed physician)Acquire or sell an existing practiceLearn more about concierge medicine

What is your current status?

In a solo independent practiceA partner in an independent practice groupAn employed physician in a healthcare systemI've transitioned with another company (or acquired a concierge practice) and I'm looking for an alternative

What is your primary specialty?

Internal MedicineFamily MedicineObstetrics/GynecologyPediatricsCardiologyEndocrinologyOther

How long have you been practicing in your current location?

6 - 7 years8 - 9 years10+ years

On average, how many patients do you see daily?

15 - 2021 - 2526+

What is your patient panel size in the last two years?

1250 - 15001501 - 19992000+

What phase are you in with regards to converting your practice?

I'm in the preliminary phase of learning about concierge medicineI'm leaning towards the concierge model and exploring options for my practiceI'm ready to convert but want help to find the path forwardOther

What's your biggest reason for wanting to convert to concierge medicine?

Monetary benefitsProviding better patient careImproving my work-life balanceAll of the aboveOther

Have you spoken with other concierge consultants?


How did you first hear about Specialdocs?

Online SearchSocial MediaPhysician ReferralPatient ReferralOther

What is your preferred method of communication?


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