Completing the Specialdocs Test for Evaluating Practices (STEP) is the first step to finding out if your practice is a candidate for our concierge model.

Describe Your Practice

I’m a Family practice physicianI’m an Internal medicine physicianI’m an Internal medicine physician with a sub-specialty in cardiovascular diseaseI’m an Internal medicine physician with a sub-specialty in endocrinology, diabetes & metabolismI’m a PediatricianOther

How long have you been practicing in your current location?

6 - 7 years8 - 9 years10+ years

On average, how many patients do you see daily?

15 - 2021 - 2526+

What is your patient panel size in the last two years?

1250 - 15001501 - 19992000+

What is your current status?

In a solo independent practiceA partner in an independent practice groupAn employed physician in a healthcare systemI’ve transitioned with another company and am looking for an alternative

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