Completing the Specialdocs Test for Evaluating Practices (STEP) is the first step of our concierge medicine evaluation process to determine whether your practice is a candidate for our model.

Specialdocs’ concierge medicine business model has the potential to transform your practice into a more effective and profitable enterprise. Our team has the expertise to guide you through the transition process, beginning with our comprehensive concierge medicine practice evaluation. The Specialdocs Test for Evaluating Practices (STEP) is an assessment of your existing operations to determine how likely you are to succeed under a concierge medicine structure.

Before beginning the transition to concierge medicine, it is critical to know what you stand to gain so that you don’t waste time or resources. Our experts use the results of our proprietary practice evaluation to set expectations and decide if moving forward is a good idea. If your answers indicate that our model would be a good fit, we can lead you through the transformation from start to finish. To get started, fill out the questionnaire.

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