Benefits Of Concierge Medicine For Doctors

All across the United States, healthcare workers are tasked with meeting incredibly high demands on limited resources. As a result, burnout has reached unprecedented levels, with dissatisfaction and even depression among medical professionals becoming commonplace. What’s more, the level of care patients receive is also being affected by overextended and burnt-out staff.

While solving all the problems in traditional healthcare isn’t realistic, those suffering from physician burnout are able to break away from the system and find a better work-life balance with concierge medicine. Below, we’ll explore a few of the many benefits of concierge medicine for doctors and the impact this up-and-coming model can have on physician satisfaction.

Striking a Healthier Work-Life Balance

As part of the concierge medicine care model, physicians see a substantial reduction in patient load. With fewer patients to care for, there is more free time as well as flexibility in deciding how time is spent. Many concierge physicians see this freedom as one of the model’s greatest benefits. Depending on individual circumstances, non-working hours may be best put to use by caring for a growing family, pursuing a hobby or working in the community.

It’s important to note there are different set-ups for concierge medicine and these models have their own pros and cons. For instance, a segmented model could reduce workload considerably while still being financially rewarding. A full concierge model swings the other way by providing a great work-life balance at the risk of being less rewarding financially speaking. Landing between the two is a hybrid model which may result in an increased workload and, therefore, less time to devote to other areas of life.

Adjusting the Work-Life Ratio

Deciding which concierge medicine model is best comes down to the personal preferences of the physician or practice. So too does the allotment of non-working hours. As life changes, it may be necessary to reassess and adjust the work-life ratio to keep pace. Concierge physicians are able to do just that. Whether it’s transitioning into retirement, adapting to a change in marital status or managing personal health concerns, being able to accommodate what life throws their way is another benefit concierge doctors can count on.

There’s also the benefit of having more free time to pursue personal interests or be with friends and family. Concierge physicians may manage their time so that they have more opportunities to attend a child’s school events, work out with a trainer or simply unwind at the end of the day.

Doctors who have transitioned to concierge medicine might also explore a wide range of activities in their newly acquired free time, including:

  • Traveling
  • Fitness activities, such as running, tennis or golf
  • Meditation
  • Gardening
  • Mentoring or tutoring
  • Offering pro bono medical services to those in need

Enhancing the Workplace

For many non-concierge physicians, there isn’t enough time in the hectic workday to develop or strengthen their practices. Upgrading technology and team building are put on the back burner, not because it’s what the doctors want, but because there simply isn’t time in their overloaded work week.

Concierge physicians, on the other hand, have the working hours to devote to enriching the patient experience, improving the working environment and augmenting other work-related activities. Some even choose to attend lectures and conferences or expand their professional skills through continuing education during these hours.

Increasing Work Satisfaction

When doctors have a less demanding work schedule, stress levels tend to diminish and the tension of a high-pressure environment begins to fade. As a result, concierge physicians are able to live happier lives on and off the clock. Many find gaining this peace of mind to be one of the most compelling benefits of concierge medicine.

Others, however, find it to be the increased satisfaction, both at work and in their personal lives. It’s common for physicians who have integrated a concierge model into their practice to experience a renewed passion for medicine and greater fulfillment on the job. As there are fewer administrative burdens and executive protocols on patient care to adhere to, doctors can practice medicine as it best suits their patients.

A New Way to Experience Healthcare and Enjoy Life 

Physicians and practices of all specialties have set out to transform healthcare by transitioning to a patient-focused concierge model. Patients benefit from the increased one-on-one time and personalized care of this direct membership model while their doctors get to experience greater flexibility and, consequently, a healthier work and free time balance.

If you’re interested in making the switch, Specialdocs Consultants is here to help. We specialize in supporting providers and their patients as they convert to concierge medicine. Dedicated to your success, we’ve made it our mission to do all we can to make the transition to this higher-quality model of care as smooth as possible.

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