Our innovative and comprehensive services can help you create a successful concierge Cardiology practice.

Cardiologists across the country have been converting their practices to the concierge business model after seeing the many benefits it can have for them. Switching from the traditional structure beholden to insurance providers gives them the opportunity to better serve their patients without spending too much time on tedious paperwork. If you’re thinking the time is right to make the transformation, turn to Specialdocs Consultants. We know more about transitioning to Cardiology concierge medicine than just about anyone. We will show you the way no matter how you decide to go about it.

How a Concierge Setup Can Give You the Edge

Built around a membership framework instead of depending on reimbursement from insurers, this model gives you more time to work with patients face to face. When choosing to start a Cardiology concierge medical practice, you remove the burdens of excessive paperwork and limited treatment options. As a result, you’ll gain higher patient satisfaction and a streamlined office.

With our expertise by your side, we will help you manage critical components such as membership billing, communicating with patients, regulatory compliance and establishing a growth strategy for the future. This gives you the bandwidth to concentrate on doing what you do best — caring for your patients.

“Specialdocs is really different. They have approaches that are individualized to the needs of that doctor and their practice.”

John Levinson, MD, PhD
Boston, Massachusetts

We Help You Find the Method That Is Best for You

Depending on your situation, you may have different avenues for adopting the concierge model. For instance, you can join a Cardiology concierge medical practice with colleagues who are familiar with the structure. We also know how to help you acquire a Cardiology concierge medical practice from a physician who may be retiring. No matter what, our experience can be the light that guides you.

Work With the Experts

In the industry since 2002, we’re by far the most knowledgeable consultancy in these matters. If you want to learn more about what we can do or if you’re ready to take the first STEP, contact us today.

During and after the transition process, we provide a wide range of services including membership management, financial processing, ongoing regulatory review, practice marketing and practice-growth support.

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