Rely on Specialdocs’ experience to help you smoothly transition to a concierge Endocrinology practice.

You want your Endocrinology practice to do everything it can for your patients. However, that can be challenging when you’re also juggling all of the obligations and restrictions placed on your operations by the traditional structure. This is why a growing number of Endocrinologists across the country are choosing to convert to the concierge model. Specialdocs Consultants has the expertise and experience needed to help you when transitioning to Endocrinology concierge medicine. When you have us standing by your side, you can be sure you will have the smoothest conversion process and can start enjoying the myriad benefits of this business model as soon as possible. We also provide ongoing consulting services to help you on your way.

What the Concierge Model Can Do for You

Because it is structured around a membership framework rather than depending on reimbursement from insurance providers, this model gives you more latitude to treat your patients. If you decide to start an Endocrinology concierge medical practice, you’ll spend less time filling out paperwork and more time seeing clients face-to-face. You’ll also gain the freedom to explore every avenue of treatment available to you, instead of being limited to what the insurer allows.

We have extensive experience as consultants in this growing field, which has provided us with a proven transition process. We provide guidance for critical components of your business such as membership billing, communicating with patients, regulatory compliance and establishing your growth strategy. Because we handle the behind-the-scenes details, you are freed to do what you do best — take care of people.

Transform Your Model Based on Your Situation

There are a number of ways you can accomplish a transformation to the concierge model, and we know how to see you through all of them. For example, you can start your own practice, or you can join an Endocrinology concierge medical practice that’s already operating and work with colleagues who are familiar with the model. We also can assist you if you are looking to acquire an Endocrinology concierge medical practice, perhaps from a doctor who is retiring or moving. Whatever works best for you, we can provide assistance every step of the way.

We’re Here for You

No other advisors in the industry have as much to offer as we do. If you’re ready to learn more about how we can deliver results for you, or if you’re ready to take the first STEP, reach out to us today.