Concierge Family Medicine

Today’s complex healthcare environment has changed the way most family practitioners provide care, and not necessarily for the better. The traditional model has become one in which doctors are forced to see high volumes of patients every day, leaving them overbooked, overworked and overwhelmed.

Although this model offers a wide reach, it also makes it a challenge for physicians to jump through all the hoops set in front of them by insurance providers while still providing care to families in need. In many cases, families don’t receive sufficient attention from their family practices, especially when it comes to specific or urgent health concerns. Fortunately, concierge family medicine offers a better alternative, enabling practitioners the chance to deliver care the way it’s meant to be.

Advantages of Concierge Family Medicine

Under this new and improved membership model, family practitioners can avoid many of the most common challenges that handcuff them within the traditional system. When it comes to becoming concierge family practice, being able to address patients’ needs more effectively is typically the main catalyst.

However, there a number of other advantages to choosing this framework, including:

  • Better Patient/Doctor Relationships: Concierge family doctors take the necessary time to understand their patients’ symptoms, illnesses and other considerations related to ongoing care, such as family history or chronic conditions.
  • 24/7 Direct Communication: Many concierge physicians provide patients with their direct lines for any urgent issues, questions, prescription refills, etc. This enhanced level of communication gives patients the immediate healthcare support they need.
  • Improved Work-Life Balance: With a smaller clientele, doctors become more available for their patients. Boutique family medicine typically frees physicians of their strict schedules and gives them the flexibility they’ve been wanting.
  • Customization: Concierge care means doctors can deliver healthcare the way they believe is most appropriate for each patient. They have the leeway to make operational decisions that enhance the patient experience, from offering house calls to providing virtual visits. The family medicine membership model is catered to the physician’s needs as well as patients’. It also allows doctors to explore treatment options that would not be considered under traditional structures.

“Specialdocs is allowing me to establish my practice and deliver patient care the way I think it needs to be delivered.”

Marc Harrigan, MD
Internal Medicine Physician
Atlanta, Georgia

Work With Experts

Working with Specialdocs Consultants makes transitioning your practice as easy as it can be. Whether you’re converting your current practice or are interested in acquiring an existing one, we are here to help you get started and offer ongoing support as you need it.

Our personalized services offer varying levels of autonomy based on your organizational needs and operational capabilities. It’s this level of care and customization that enables the smooth transition of family practitioners to the concierge model. We have helped countless branches of medicine make the jump to concierge care, and we look forward to doing the same for you.

During and after the transition process, we provide a wide range of services including membership management, financial processing, ongoing regulatory review, practice marketing and practice-growth support.

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