Concierge Functional Medicine

Allow the experts at Specialdocs to guide your practice’s transition to integrative concierge medicine.

Integrative medicine practices take a holistic approach, requiring a closer relationship between doctor and patient than other methods. That said, the traditional insurance-based model creates some significant obstacles for any practice providing this type of care. Physicians and their staff must spend a considerable amount of time dealing with paperwork and frequent interactions with insurers. This runs counter to the purpose of this philosophy, because it means caregivers aren’t able to focus on their patients.

Many are choosing to take advantage of the concierge model and all the benefits it can provide. Specialdocs Consultants has the knowledge needed to help when transitioning to a concierge functional medicine practice. We are here to assist you every step of the way on your journey to a more responsive and personalized form of caregiving.

What Makes the Concierge Model Different?

This is a subscription-based framework, which means patients pay their doctors directly rather than rely on insurance coverage to reimburse them. There are numerous benefits for any doctor who wants to start a concierge functional medicine practice. The most significant of these is avoiding the red tape and bureaucracy that working with insurers inevitably brings.

Instead, the functional medicine membership model allows physicians more face time with patients, which can ultimately lead to better outcomes and higher levels of patient satisfaction. In addition, doctors can gain the freedom to explore more treatment options without being restrained by what the insurance company is or is not willing to finance.

Adopting a concierge approach can bring numerous advantages to your practice but making the change can be challenging without the right expertise. Our experts know what it takes to guide you through the entire process.

We have the know-how needed to assist you with building every aspect of your new practice, including membership billing practices, communications with patients, regulatory compliance and establishing a sound strategy for growth.

Exploring All Your Options

If you’re not willing or able to rebuild a practice from the ground up, there still are ways in which you can experience the advantages of the functional medicine membership model. For example, we can help you join an integrative concierge medical practice, where you can work with like-minded professionals. You also have the option to acquire an integrative concierge medical practice from a doctor who may be retiring. This allows you to hit the ground running with an established patient base and reputation.

Let Us Guide You to Real Change

We’re an extremely experienced consultancy working in this highly specialized field. Our goal is to help our clients improve the quality of care they provide as well as the profitability and sustainability of their businesses.

Are you ready to learn more about transitioning your practice? Feel free to reach out today and take the first STEP.