Trust Specialdocs and our extensive experience to help you transition to a concierge pediatrics practice.

Parents want to know that their pediatrician is focused entirely on taking care of their children. However, doctors often find their attentions divided as they grapple with the traditional insurance-based system. The time and resources they have to devote to paperwork and the constant back-and-forth with insurers means they have less time to devote to their patients.

This is why so many physicians are choosing an alternative in the form of pediatric concierge medicine. This model enables caregivers to concentrate more on delivering treatment and improving the patient experience in a meaningful way — and less time on busywork.

When transitioning to pediatrics concierge medicine, Specialdocs Consultants has the experience and expertise you need. Our team can help your practice every step of the way. We strive to provide the smoothest transition possible, as well as continuing services to ensure your practice can grow and thrive.

How Are Concierge Practices Different?

There are many reasons a pediatrician might want to start a pediatrics concierge medical practice. The primary difference from the standard model is that it operates on a subscription-based structure, where patients pay directly instead of relying on reimbursement from insurance providers. This means doctors and staff don’t have to deal with the high levels of paperwork and bureaucracy that they would under the typical circumstances. Not only does this allow physicians to give their patients more attention, but they also have more freedom to explore multiple treatment options.

At Specialdocs Consultants, we have the knowledge and experience to help you transition to concierge medicine. You can count on us to guide you through the process from start to finish, covering all of the crucial elements you need to succeed. We can assist you with membership billing practices, communicating with patients, regulatory compliance and creating a solid growth strategy.

Multiple Pathways to Change

If you’re considering making the switch to concierge medicine, you have a number of options available. In addition to converting your existing practice, it’s also possible for you to join a pediatrics concierge medical practice that is already established. You also may be able to acquire a pediatrics concierge medical practice from a doctor who may be retiring or moving to a new area. Whatever kind of arrangement fits your career goals and circumstances, you can depend on the team at Specialdocs Consultants to help you navigate it successfully.

Put Your Faith in Our Expertise

The team at Specialdocs Consultants is unique. We have extensive experience successfully assisting doctors so they can get the most out of the concierge medicine model. We love when physicians can provide the care that their patients need while improving the profitability of their enterprises. If you want to learn more about how we can bring better results to your practice, get in touch with us today and take the first STEP toward a new way of treatment.