Specialdocs can help you understand the important benefits that concierge primary care physicians realize compared with the traditional business model.

For primary care physicians (PCP), every moment spent not caring for patients is a hindrance. Dealing with the mountains of paperwork from insurance providers in the traditional model only gets in the way. This is why a growing number of doctors have started transitioning to PCP concierge medicine.

If you’re considering making such a move, Specialdocs Consultants can be your trusted resource for all the expertise you need. We have helped numerous primary care concierge physicians switch successfully, and we can do the same for you.

The Benefits of the Concierge Model

When you start a primary care concierge medical practice, you can sidestep many of the hang-ups that come with the common business model. Because it utilizes a membership structure, you will spend less time completing forms and more time caring for patients face to face. You’ll also enjoy fewer restrictions on the treatments you can utilize. This frees you to focus on what matters most, resulting in greater patient satisfaction and a more successful practice overall.

As experts in this field, we guide you through the entire process. We can help you manage communicating with patients, membership billing, compliance with regulations and building a strategy for growth.

“Specialdocs was extremely responsible and extremely dependable during the transition. It was always, ‘We are a team. We’re working together.’”

Shalini Kaneriya, MD
Primary Care Physician
Northern Virginia

Multiple Options for Your New Practice

Whether you want to transform your office or start from scratch, we’re happy to review all of your options. For example, we can advise you on how to join a primary care concierge medical practice if you’re not currently with one. We also know how to guide you through the procedures necessary to acquire a PCP concierge medical practice that is established. Of course, we also know how to convert your existing practice to the concierge model.

Choose to Work With Us

We’re the most knowledgeable source to support you through this highly rewarding transformation. Ready to learn more about what we can do for you or take the first STEP on your journey? Contact us today.

During and after the transition process, we provide a wide range of services including membership management, financial processing, ongoing regulatory review, practice marketing and practice-growth support.

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