Rely on Specialdocs’ innovative processes to create a successful concierge rheumatology practice.

Rheumatologists want to do everything in their power to help their patients be more comfortable and live with less pain. The traditional model of relying on insurance providers for payments means doctors and their staff have to spend too much of their time and energy dealing with the extensive paperwork and bureaucracy that comes with it. This is why so many in this field consider transitioning to a concierge medicine structure.

The concierge model makes rheumatologists’ work easier and more effective. A practice transition can be a challenging process without the right knowledge, and  Specialdocs is here to help. Our experts know what it takes to be successful when switching to this type of practice. We’ll be there throughout the process to provide expertise and advice for every aspect of your journey.

What Makes Concierge Medicine Different?

Unlike the standard framework under which most medical practices operate, this is a membership-based model. The benefits for caregivers and the people they serve are numerous. Not only will you have more time to spend treating patients face to face, but you’ll also have more latitude to select the treatments that you believe will work best. When choosing to start a rheumatology concierge medical practice, you’ll experience greater patient satisfaction and less burnout.

Our consultants can guide you through every element of rheumatology practice management under this model so you can have the smoothest transition. Specialdocs manages membership billing, patient communication and practice growth strategy.

Dr. Kazmers Headshot

“At my practice, patients benefit from the best of modern medicine, incorporating state-of-the-art interventions with an integrative and lifestyle medicine focus. The best outcomes for rheumatology patients result from a blend of conventional and integrative care, requiring ample time, personalized attention and continual, thoughtful follow-up. These are the foundation of my concierge practice.”

Irene S Kazmers, MD, FACP
Petoskey, MI

Let Us Help Guide You to Success

We know the ins and outs of this process and have helped numerous doctors and their teams successfully transition their practices to serve their patients more effectively.

If you want to learn more about how we can do this for you, get in touch today to take your first STEP.

During and after the transition process, we provide a wide range of services including membership management, financial processing, ongoing regulatory review, practice marketing and practice-growth support.

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