Sacramento Publication Features ‘Special Docs’ Eric Tepper and Reed Vuong

The growing concierge medicine practice of Dr. Eric Tepper and his new associate Dr. Reed Vuong was spotlighted recently in the popular local publication, Inside Sacramento.

As Dr. Tepper shares with author Jessica Laskey, eight years ago he was burnt out trying to care for 3,800 patients in his traditional practice, but when he learned about concierge medicine, he converted his practice and never looked back. “When you’re seeing 30 people a day (in a traditional practice) you can’t give them the attention they want or need. You’re just trying to keep your head above water. When you scale back to 10 to 15 people a day, you can know who everybody is, give them the attention they need and take care of everything on their list.”

Dr. Vuong adds, “Before, I had 15 minutes to see a patient, which meant I had to chart after hours and basically run from room to room and throw Band-Aids at people. I like that now I get to take time to get to the root cause of a problem and treat it, not just cover it with a Band-Aid.”

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