The Role Of Concierge Telemedicine: Enhancing Accessibility & Convenience

Of all the words used to describe the modern healthcare model, “convenient” traditionally has not been one of them. Long wait times and brief interactions with providers have been the norm far more than the exception, but technology is making it possible for the industry to offer some different options. Telehealth software and smart devices now make it possible for patients and providers to connect virtually anywhere without scheduling an office visit. This is making a significant impact on how services are provided today. When combined with the concierge model of care, the potential benefits for doctors and patients can be substantial.

Introduction of Telemedicine in Concierge Care

A growing number of providers are converting their practices to the concierge model. This is because the subscription-based structure means doctors can maintain a smaller patient base while enjoying stable income. As a result, they can spend more time with each patient, offer more treatment options and avoid many of the hassles of dealing with insurers. Patients enjoy it because they have 24/7 direct communication with their physicians. Concierge telemedicine combines the best of both, providing customized care with even greater convenience.

Since the pandemic, providers have sought new ways to reach out to those they treat, and virtual concierge medicine is the ideal solution. With advancements in telehealth platforms, it is now much simpler to share patient information while remaining compliant with HIPAA. Integrating virtual concierge medical care has paved the way for steady concierge growth trends, and the future seems bright.

Why Concierge Providers Love Telemedicine

Concierge telehealth provides doctors and physicians with numerous benefits that make it easier for them to care for their patients. Here are just a few of the many ways concierge telemedicine can streamline the way practices operate:

  • Reducing the risk of cancellation: By meeting with patients online, physicians can cut down on the number of cancelled appointments. In this way, telemedicine concierge services improve productivity and boost revenues.
  • Improving patient flow: With telemedicine, concierge patients can skip the waiting room and join their appointments on-time. This means less lag time between appointments and it makes scheduling more efficient.
  • Expanding customer base: Many patients are already aware of the convenience telehealth provides and seek out providers who take advantage of it. For some, not offering telemedicine can be a deal-breaker. Offering virtual concierge medical care can widen a practice’s opportunities in the market.
  • Increasing revenue: Advanced software tools bring an increase in productivity and convenience when integrated into concierge medicine. This gives providers an edge over competitors and can help increase their bottom line.

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