Hi. I’m Uday Jani, MD.

Uday Jani


Uday Jani, MD, a board-certified internist, blends the best of traditional, integrative, and functional medicine at his concierge medicine practice, Shore View Personal Care. He believes in treating the whole person—not just the disease—utilizing an evidence-based integrative approach. In 2012, Dr. Jani completed his residency at North Shore University Hospital New York, followed by a two-year Integrative Medicine fellowship at the University of Arizona, recognized as the leading integrative medical education program worldwide. In 2016, Dr. Jani completed training at The Institute for Functional Medicine in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has served as the director of Integrative Health and chairman of the Medical Department at Beebe Medical Center. A dedicated supporter of community wellness, Dr. Jani is featured regularly on local and national news reports, at speaking engagements, and at educational seminars for professionals and the public.