Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast

Five leading female doctors describe life as a concierge physician and why the model has proven to be an ideal fit for women

The medical landscape has been extraordinarily challenging for physicians in the last decade as burnout, shrinking reimbursement and vanishing autonomy has become more common. For women, the terrain is even tougher with the added burdens of pay disparity¹, family obligations and a higher likelihood of burnout² than their male peers.

However, a growing number of female physicians have found that the concierge medicine model offers a path to a work-life balance that works for them. Specialdocs Consultants is a concierge medicine consulting company that provides critical services and insights to medical practices before, during and after the transition to the concierge model.

To address the growing interest, Specialdocs is releasing an eight-part series named Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast wherein five leading women physicians share why concierge medicine is a deeply rewarding choice for women and uniquely suited to their vision of practicing medicine. Here’s a preview of the podcast:

Podcast panelist Dr. Dorothy Serna, of Houston, Texas, said, “What we get as concierge physicians and as women is control of our work environment, patients’ experience, ability to earn a living and the way we take care of our families. That’s a tremendous privilege.”

Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer hosts the Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast and says that, from the company’s earliest days, they’ve witnessed the power of concierge medicine to transform a woman physician’s life.

“Founder Roberta Greenspan knew from personal experience the challenges faced by women in healthcare and she was passionate about offering this very viable solution to female physicians. My hope is that all physicians – male and female alike – will listen to this podcast and realize how the concierge model can restore balance and joy to their lives,” said Bauer.

In part seven of the podcast, the doctors discuss why choosing the right partner to support a transition to concierge medicine is critical.

“Specialdocs works powerfully behind the scenes and allows us to be us,” says Dr. Natasha Beauvais, one of the panelists and a concierge physician in Alexandria, Virginia.

Here’s a overview of the podcast segments:

[Preview] Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast – A 1:38 overview of the podcast with comments from each of the doctors.

[Part 1] Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast – Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer introduces the doctors and they discuss why they decided to make the change to concierge medicine.

[Part 2] Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast – The doctors talk about how the concierge model is beneficial to patients and physicians.

[Part 3] Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast – The doctors discuss some perceived differences between female and male physicians.

[Part 4] Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast – The doctors describe finding a true work-life balance through concierge medicine.

[Part 5] Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast – The doctors describe the factors that shaped their current patient panel demographics.

[Part 6] Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast – The doctors give advice for other women considering transitioning to concierge medicine.

[Part 7] Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast – The doctors discuss how Specialdocs Consultants helped them complete a successful transition to concierge medicine.

[Part 8] Women in Concierge Medicine Podcast – The doctors discuss how they overcame the fear associated with making a change and how concierge medicine allows women to have more control over their professional journey.



  1. Women physicians earned 27.7% less than males in 2017, Doximity Physician Compensation Report 3/18
  2. Women physicians report burnout at higher rates than males (48% vs. 38%), Medscape National Physician Burnout and Depression Report 2018

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