Challenging the Cookie-Cutter Model One Physician at a Time

Larry Leibowitz

TEASER: Systemic disadvantages for primary care physicians led Dr. Larry Leibowitz to consider transitioning to concierge medicine with Specialdocs Consultants. After a smooth transition from traditional to concierge, Dr. Leibowitz has become more present in his trade.

Dr. Larry Leibowitz struggled for the survival of his medical practice in the traditional model for years before even considering other options. A true testament to the altruistic motives of physicians, Dr. Leibowitz knew he would have to look to alternative methods of practice to provide the highest quality of care for his patients while keeping himself in the best shape possible to do so.

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“Unfortunately, the system is structured in a way that requires physicians see a certain volume of patients for the practice to survive.”

Concierge medicine is the major alternative to the traditional, independent primary care practice. Dr. Leibowitz was part of many conversations where the topic of this sort of model was brought up and learned pretty quickly that transitioning was what he needed to do. Ultimately, the doctor signed with Specialdocs to help him along the transition.

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“Specialdocs was great because they sort of took a lot of the pain out of . That whole individualized approach that’s really not possible in a cookie cutter model is all that I do now and it has been gratifying across the board.”

The customized transition set Dr. Leibowitz up for a successful concierge practice that has the doctor feeling much more rewarded at his job than when he practiced with the traditional reimbursement model.

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“I feel like I can do a better job as a physician; I can take my time, I can really listen to somebody and be present because I’m not worried about who is in the waiting room.”

Dr. Larry Leibowitz, MD is a primary care physician at Matrix Personalized Care, LLC. Learn more about the doctor and his team @ .

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