Finding a Way to Make Patient Care More Rewarding

Ralph Cipriani

TEASER: Quality of care and communication had been cut short for Dr. Ralph Cipriani with appointments overbooked. Concierge medicine enabled Dr. Cipriani a direct channel of communication where patient care is maximized with efficiency in mind.

Dr. Ralph Cipriani had always practiced primary care medicine in parallel with the traditional model: high patient volumes, low insurance reimbursements and a constant feeling that he wasn’t able to maximize the quality care for his patients in the short time allotted for each of them.

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“I’ve had to see 20 or more patients in a day, five to ten minute office visits for most patients is really not enough. I had always hoped I could see less patients in a day and spend more time with each individual patient.”

Concierge medicine is attractive for primary care doctors as it fulfills on the promise of Dr. Cipriani’s hopes. Setting a luxury price on medicine allows primary-care doctors the chance to earn just as much if not more than through the traditional model while also allowing the patient to spend more time with the doctor during each visit. The model allows for higher quality care and a lasting relationship with a doctor that understands the patient’s medical history to a tee.

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“To have that level of communication is paramount, it makes patient care more rewarding for both of us and more accurate.”

One of the most recent additions to Specialdocs’ team of concierge primary care and specialty doctors throughout the United States, Dr. Cipriani has enjoyed his transition into a new chapter of his medical career.

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“What the Specialdocs team said, they followed through on.”

Dr. Ralph Cipriani, MD is a practicing primary care concierge physician at Glenville Medical Concierge Care in Greenwich, Connecticut. Find out more about this practice @


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