Physician Relief in the Concierge Model of Medicine

Amanda Collins-Baine

TEASER: After years of practicing medicine with an excessive amount of patient visits in any given day, Dr. Amanda Collins-Baine knew she had to make the switch to concierge. With the motivation of peer success in this type of model, she made the leap and takes pride in having time to talk with her 9-year-old son after hours without the distraction of out-of-office work.

Dr. Amanda Collins-Baine moved into independent practice ownership as recently as 2017. Before developing Darien Signature Healthcare with the help of Specialdocs Consultants, Dr. Collins-Baine had an issue with the stress-level of practicing primary care as an employed physician. The high volume of daily appointments did not sit right with her as it fell short of her own standards for her personal and her patients’ well-beings.

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“I felt that my career would be shortened if I didn’t make the switch to concierge medicine because I just know that I couldn’t continue to see 25 to 30 patients a day and feel good about it.”

It wasn’t until her 9-year-old son asked if he could speak with her while she was working at home after-hours that she realized it was time to make that switch into independent concierge medicine. Dr. Collins-Baine studied the success of her peers in medicine and used this as motivation to pass through the fear of taking the first leap.

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“I looked around at the doctors in my community that had made the switch and universally none of them have looked back.”

Dr. Collins-Baine understands the value of freedom as it relates to her career and chose Specialdocs for that very reason. The standard model of concierge medicine tends to replace existing constraints with new ones, tethering physicians to built-in growth limits, lengthy industry-wide non-compete agreements and forced partnerships. Since developing Darien Signature Healthcare, the doctor has enjoyed the chance to practice quality medicine again.

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“We have to know our limitations and I was appreciating my limitations while knowing I could serve patients in a better way with model compared to the traditional model”

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