Physician Taking Refuge in Concierge Medicine

Steve Mickley

TEASER: The swiftly changing landscape that is healthcare in the US struck Dr. Steven Mickley with problems treating his patient panel to the best of his ability. Mickley found a way to go about fixing this problem in a manner that kept his voice heard loud: concierge medicine with Specialdocs.

Dr. Steve Mickley loves being a doctor. A physician with a 40-year tenure in private-practice primary care, Dr. Mickley knows what it takes to run an effective practice while keeping efficiency in mind. Changes in health care policy and insurance reimbursement standards forced the doctor to look elsewhere for options for practicing medicine.

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“I love medicine, but I confess the last few years were really difficult and that was what had prompted us to look at a concierge model where you really can devote the time to prevention and you can devote the time and effort to treating every part of the patients’ problems.”

This model was particularly interesting to Dr. Mickley and led him to bootstrap the transition of Glenville Medical Facility away from the traditional form of medicine. The additional time in a day and the patient satisfaction has kept Dr. Mickley and his colleagues at Glenville motivated.

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“For us, the transition to concierge is very satisfying. I go home more relaxed, I’m sure my family appreciates that and I think the patients love it.”

As far as why he chose to go with Specialdocs, Dr. Mickley cites the relationship between his team and their team, the way Specialdocs values his input and the lack of constraints imposed on his practice and his associate physicians.

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“Specialdocs is great because they are highly skilled. We enjoy the relationship we have with them and there are open discussions.”

Dr. Mickley appreciates that Specialdocs does not dictate constraining policy and standards. He looks forward to “a very long relationship with Specialdocs”.

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