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TEASER: When physicians are cut short from the essentials of practicing quality medicine, the feasibility of the traditional model of health care should be called into question. Doctors from around the country speak to the effectiveness of transitioning to concierge medicine with Specialdocs.

The current model of medical practice is based entirely around insurance collections and reimbursements. Insurance companies have mandated reimbursement policies enforced by government agencies to incentivize prospective physicians to go into certain specialties that are underrepresented in the United States. Accordingly, because primary care physicians are so over-represented, the reimbursement rates decreases every year forcing physicians to book more and more patients; this leads to shorter appointments and lower quality care.

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“Doctors don’t have enough time to correctly prevent disease as opposed to being able to treat it later which is fundamentally wrong.” – Steven Mickley

Many solutions to this “fundamentally wrong” model have been proposed, but the major player in the United States market today is concierge medicine. This system adds a fee to the normal insurance payment to offset decreasing insurance reimbursements and, in turn, provide relief for the doctor to focus on quality over quantity.

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“The quality of the care is all about the time spent with the patient and a concierge model is about having time to be patient for the patient to really tell you what’s going on.” – Jeff Puglisi

Specialdocs Consultants allows for the physician to stay in control throughout and beyond the transition from traditional to concierge medicine. Choice, execution and autonomy are words physicians have used to describe their experience working with Specialdocs.

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“The beauty of Specialdocs is that they allowed us to do things in the way we felt we wanted to do it and they were able to make it work.” – Judy Shea

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“Nowhere in my practice do you see anything with the name Specialdocs. They want us to be autonomous. They want us to be free thinkers. They want us to ask questions of them.” – Jeff Puglisi

Specialdocs physician-clients are most appreciative of the opportunities that the Specialdocs’ concierge model gives them to work on widening their medical knowledge base. With more time and less stress, doctors are learning more about the business of medicine, more about cutting edge medical technologies and more about their patients.

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“All those things that were not compensated for in traditional Primary Care Medicine are the most essential things, and so now I get to dive into that stuff in a way I never did before so I’m never going back.” – Larry Leibowitz

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