The Payoff For Taking the Leap into Concierge Medicine

Judy Shea

TEASER: When Dr. Judy Shea realized that she knew what she wanted to do but didn’t have the capacity to sustain it anymore, she turned to Specialdocs Consultants to transition into the concierge model of medicine. These days you can find Dr. Shea practicing the way she had only dreamed of with a team she trusts.

Glenville Medical Concierge Care physician Dr. Judy Shea is an incredibly engaged doctor that boasts two Ivy League universities, 2 division three champion titles, 18 all-American titles and a college hall of fame indoctrination on her record. To such a well-rounded doctor, self-doubt despite success was a problem that diminished her quality of care and motivation.

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“Medicine became a really difficult profession to continue to do it correctly. I really used to think to myself ‘This is what I want to do, but I don’t know how I’m going to stay alive to keep doing this’.”

Dr. Shea knew she had to find a way to continue to practice medicine without the intense pressure that came with low insurance reimbursements and high patient figure requirements implicitly enforced by the traditional definition of primary care practice. The talk of medical practitioners throughout the country, Dr. Shea moved toward a concierge model where the price is set higher for patients in order to secure more appointment time and a stronger doctor-patient relationship.

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“We took the leap and it’s been three years now that we’ve been practicing this way and it’s awesome because it really is practicing the way you have dreamed of practicing medicine.”

Specialdocs Consultants stood out among their competitors due to their ability to act on the input of their physician and patient members. The cohesiveness of Dr. Shea’s team with that of the team at Specialdocs has enabled the doctor to customize her concierge practice to a manner in which she had only dreamed of before the transition.

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“As time went on and we have met the entire staff of Specialdocs, we really feel that they are part of our team, that they are willing to listen if you want to do something a little different, and the fact that we like everybody.”

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