Concierge Medicine’s Continued Rise Illuminated by Specialdocs Consultants at the Industry’s Leading Event

Terry Bauer, CEO of Specialdocs Consultants, a 20-year pioneer in concierge medicine transitions and management, and several of the company’s affiliated physicians will offer insights on the extraordinary growth of this dynamic and enticing practice model at the upcoming Concierge Medicine Forum (CMF) in Atlanta. Reflecting the surging demand for personalized care, the industry’s signature event is on track in 2022 to be the most well-attended conference to date, according to organizers.

“What we’re seeing is a genuine recognition of the pillar stone of concierge medicine – the tremendous value of a long-term physician-patient relationship,” says Bauer. “The impact of the pandemic made that crystal clear and has inspired thousands of people to thoughtfully reconsider how they chose to deliver and receive care.”  He cited a doubling in the number of physicians converting to the Specialdocs concierge medicine model in the last few years, as well as a 10% average annual industry growth rate of the U.S. concierge medicine market over the next 8 years, as forecast by Grand View Research.

Bauer will lead key sessions covering qualities necessary for success as a concierge physician, and how to communicate the enhanced level of care to concierge patients inside and outside the exam room. He’ll also discuss the expanding plethora of paths to becoming a concierge physician. “The options go well beyond traditional conversions from fee-for-service models to acquiring a practice from a retiring physician, transitioning from hospital employment or within a group practice, or joining a successful local concierge practice,” he said.

In addition, Specialdocs-affiliated physicians will be featured at the conference, sharing expert perspectives that include:

  • Dr. Deanna Aftab Guy, a Nashville-based concierge pediatric endocrinologist, recounts her year-long transition to concierge medicine, with “My Journey Started Here.”
  • Dr. Zev Cohen, a concierge internal medicine physician in suburban New York, will address addiction treatment and management strategies in a concierge practice.
  • Dr. Uday Jani, a Delaware-based concierge internal and integrative medicine physician, will provide an inspirational take on moving forward from COVID-19, with “Notes from a Pandemic: Rethinking Gut Health, the Immune System and Personalized Medicine” and participate in a timely panel discussion titled “Cause & Deflect: When You Should Call in the Mental Health Professional to Help Your Patient.”

“Sharing our passion for concierge medicine at CMF with insightful, long-time collaborators like Specialdocs and others is a privilege we look forward to each year,” Michael Tetreault, CMF organizer and editor of Concierge Medicine Today.  “We’re all thrilled to see the soaring interest in membership medicine practices which continue to bring balance to physicians’ lives and elevate the care offered to the patients and communities they serve.”

A pioneer in concierge medicine since 2002, Specialdocs is celebrating two decades of transforming physicians’ professional lives, empowering them to deliver exceptionally personalized patient care.

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