Specialdocs Welcomes Back Prominent COVID-19 Expert Dr. Paul E. Sax, MD for an Outstanding Webinar Event

Find exceptionally well-informed answers to the question “Where do we go from here with COVID-19?” courtesy of nationally recognized expert Dr. Paul Sax, featured at Specialdocs 10.11.22 webinar – now available on demand.

In this fast-paced, enlightening hour, Dr. Sax, Clinical Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, provides the latest information on treatments, vaccines, boosters and testing for COVID-19 as well as a thoughtful look back at lessons learned. Specialdocs is pleased to share this second COVID-19 update from Dr. Sax, who shared insights earlier this year in a well-received presentation to our network of physicians, their patients and all interested members of the community.

As part of Specialdocs’ commitment to supporting our affiliated physicians clients, their practices and their patients, the company hosts a continuing series of educational Clinical Conferences with experts on viral testing, mRNA vaccines, antiviral treatments, epidemiological factors, mental health and other relevant topics. These peer-to-peer virtual sessions have quickly become a much-valued program for our network of dedicated physicians, featuring highly informative presentations followed by an informal Q&A session.

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