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  • The Connected Patient: Keeping Up with Apps March 14, 2017 apps--130x130 - In the News Right NowThe ubiquitous smart phone has boosted its useful- ness tenfold in the past decade with a mushrooming library of health and wellness apps. Some aim to help you monitor your condition day-to-day, understand and stay on track with medications, or diagnose your symptoms, while others prepare you for an unforeseen emergency, allow you to share information electronically with your physician or receive education and encouragement between doctor’s appointments. With almost 200,000 apps already on the market, the real challenge is ... Click to Read More
  • Gut Instincts: Can More Bacteria Mean Better Health? March 14, 2017 apps--130x130 - In the News Right NowHealthy bacteria may seem like a contradiction in terms, but years of research and real world experience point toward an unexpectedly promising finding: the microorganisms continually forming in your intestine may confer health benefits that we are only just beginning to understand. Here is what we know: each of us has an individual set of microbes, collectively known as the microbiome, from the moment we are born, starting with our mother’s bacteria and then continuing to gather new microbes throughout our life ... Click to Read More
  • Try a New Approach to Food in the New Year: Stop Dieting and Focus on Mindful Eating March 13, 2017 apps--130x130 - In the News Right Now Why do so many dieters find themselves in a never-ending struggle to lose weight and keep it off? The dieting-overeating-weight regain cycle is almost inevitable, not because people fail diets but because diets fail people. It is important to understand that rebound overeating happens to almost everybody, and should not be viewed as an individual weakness or fault. The main reason diets do not work over the long term is they create deprivation and promote a loss of the internal signals ... Click to Read More
  • The Zika Virus: Prevention is the First Line of Defense August 22, 2016 apps--130x130 - In the News Right NowAs the Zika virus continues to make headlines daily, it is essential to know who is at risk, how it is transmitted and most importantly, to understand strategies for prevention. Following are the latest findings on Zika, according to experts at the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. How does Zika spread? Most people get Zika from a mosquito bite, but it can also be passed through sexual contact, blood transfusion or during pregnancy to a fetus.  Zika is ... Click to Read More